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♦  ESSEN SPIEL 2017 




BARPIG - The Adventure Party Game


Johnathan Franklin & Phillip Melcher


Najaar 2017


Self-published kaartspel / Crowdfunding



We never saw lore in our own creation and yet as we sat down with Frederick

for the first time to discuss our character designs we were entranced by a

wonderful notion: BARPIG was no longer just a name, but instead also a

place, a hideaway in some greater piggy kingdom where legend would tell of

a tavern called BARPIG…

We will never forget the passion, imagination, and admittedly the charm Frederick showed for us during that initial meeting. It was as though he had been to the tavern himself, as though he personally knew each pig. As he showed us the preliminary sketches of the BARPIG tavern sign, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the story he had already created in his head. Still to this day, we wonder about how deep that story goes. Without Frederick BARPIG would never have been as successful as it was. So we thank him and encourage you to see for yourself what makes Frederick's piggy world so amazing.